Boothby’s offers a unique orchard experience throughout the late summer and fall. An apple-picking afternoon is the perfect way to enjoy the company of family and friends, slowing down for just awhile to savor the senses and reconnect with our rural heritage.

Take a wagon ride to the lower orchard and pick your own bag of beauties. Enjoy warm cider, local cheeses and maybe some live music back at the farm stand. Take a walk through the vineyard. Set a spell in a porch rocker. Boothby’s Orchard and Winery is a memory-making machine.

Oh, but it’s the apples that on which we built our reputation. Without the finest fruit around, the rest of the operation couldn’t hold up.

Rob Boothby and his family have been the caretaking apple trees on their homestead since the 19th century. His background is in horticulture and dairy farming, and he has a degree in Animal Science from University of Maine.

In recent years, the operation has scaled back to offer the “best of the best;” a seven-acre pick-your-own orchard with over 3,000 trees, nurtured year-round with the utmost care.

Pruning trees on show shoes, removing upright limbs and dead branches, mending fences and minding responsible insect-control practices, Rob is in constant communication with the orchard, trees and crop.

The Boothbys’ tireless efforts result in absolutely delicious apples that draw fans from across Maine and New England. Check out our varieties and harvest schedule below.

Boothby’s Apple Varieties

We have a smattering of new apples you have never heard of, as well as a few of your favorite heirloom varieties. At Boothby’s we always encourage you to try something new and eat them all to ensure your favorite variety is spot on for your taste.