Boothby’s Orchard has been a working family farm for 7 generations and are proud to offer a diverse selection of fruit, vegetables, beef and wine all produced on their land.

Rob and Denise Boothby take pride in their diversified family farm and are delighted to be able to share the farm and bring the fruit of their labors to you. Whether you want to place an order for some grass (and apple) fed beef by the cut or even purchase an entire cow for your starter herd, they can help. Want to pick up some hay for your own animals or autumn decorations? They have that too!


Our beef cows are well-loved grass fed, pasture-raised beef from our herd of Hereford cows. If you chat with our cows at the orchard you will see a few look a little different.  We have crossed a few of our Herefords with Wagyu.  They seem to be equally well tempered and excited to eat that dropped apple you might feed them.  Our meat is state inspected, grain finished, and fresh-frozen  so when it’s time for you to feed your family, you can do so knowing you are giving them the best.

Burger  $6.50/lb

Stew beef  $6.00/lb

Roasts and Short ribs        $5.00/lb

Chuck steak   $7.00/lb

Sirloin   $10.00/lb

Rib Eye/Tenderloin/T-bone/Porterhouse  $13.00/lb

Brisket   $10.00/lb

BOX OF BEEF  – 20 lb mix (burger, stew, roast, ribs & prime steaks) $130

Purchase 1/8 or 1/4 cow for your freezer at $7.00/cut and packaged (about 110 pounds per quarter)

Call Rob at 754-3500 for large orders or off season meat pickup


None available at this time.


As part of our farm, we hay many of our fields to provide winter feed for our cows. We will be selling hay at the Farm Market this year.

Please call if you are interested in buying bulk hay for your animals.