On May 31st of 1865, Bradford Boothby purchased the white cape home and surrounding land on which our orchard and farm stand now sit. His son, Adney, married the girl next door (or across the street in this case), Ellen Martin, whose parents had purchased the big farm house in 1849 that became known as Century Elm Farm.

Those are the roots of our Livermore family farm, which is still providing for us seven generations later. We are fortunate to have a great deal of oral and written history that documents our continual growth and change over the years as we have lived and worked on the land, keeping our farming tradition alive.

These artifacts include maps of Livermore dating back to 1858, a journal from Adney Boothby that includes his letters home and experience with the 20th Maine in the Civil War, and a meticulous journal from Rob and Clint’s 4th generation grandfather, Leslie Eustis Boothby,

Our roots on this land run deep, and as every generation has faced challenges and embraced opportunities, we look forward to expanding our product line and providing our customers with the finest Orchard Experience around.

“The operation has gone through many phases during my life alone, such as a commercial dairy of 250 Holsteins, commercial poultry and a much larger apple operation of 60 acres. I was sad to sell the dairy herd in 2001, but the financial pressure was overwhelming. I thought I would never be able farm again. But one moves on. I retained some of my best orchards and started a pick-your-own business.”

Robert H. BoothbyCurrent Owner/Operator 2011

“After the disastrous freeze in 1931, almost all of the apple trees were dead. We stared over again by setting out the Woodsome land to Baldwins and McIntosh and then, in the next few years, the hill or sheep pasture hill, was set to McIntosh with a few Cortlands for pollinating. The new trees didn't produce many apples for a number of years and when they did, we were able to sell them in Portland.”

Leslie Eustis Boothby, 1973

150 Years of Growing

Livermore, Maine has been the home of the Boothby farm since 1865. Our operation has transitioned several times as we’ve responded to challenges and pursued new dreams. We’re proud of where we’ve been and excited about where we’re headed.